The Concept


Through the sponsorship system, we offer the possibility to individuals, companies or organizations, to support in a practical way the work of our association. This year in particular, the financial consequences of the COVID-19 crisis make your contribution especially crucial. You can thus choose to sponsor one or more individuals (or even part of the costs of an individual), and we will send you a sponsorship file so that you can choose the beneficiaries according to your preferences (kind of apprenticeship, background of the beneficiary, ...).

Your donation covers the costs of training which are not covered by subsidies from the Moroccan state, i.e., per apprentice:

- Food: € 500.- per year

- Training costs (trainers' salary): € 1,200.- per year

- Miscellaneous (transport, parallel activities, ...): € 500.- per year

The yearly total per apprentice for education and board is thus

€ 2,200.-

Your contributions can be sent directly to the association's account on a monthly or yearly basis. The association commits to share the details of contributions as well as the annual financial report with donors. Thank you very much for your support, please contact us for more details.