The Place of the Meeting


Our Story

At the twilight of the last millennium, a group of enthusiasts began to dream of a place where disabled adults from all over Morocco could learn a profession that would give them dignity and self-confidence.
This job would also allow them to set up a small business at the end of their training in order to generate a small income. Who does not aspire to a bit of autonomy?

Everything started to come together in August 1999, when a suitable plot of land was found in the outskirts of Ouarzazate. In just under twenty years, the dream has come true for several hundred disabled adults. And this is only the beginning...


Four options

Disabled adults who arrive at the training centers are offered four different apprenticeships, in agriculture, jewelry, sewing or carpentry. At the end of a selection process based on wishes and disability, this in discussion with professionals, the apprentice commits to the assigned sector. The complete training lasts two years.

A visit or a partnership?

You are always welcome for a visit at the training center, just contact us if you're interested. Our association is largely funded by donations. Thank you for your generous support.


We invite you to visit the website of the Swiss association "Les Amis de Gérard". There you will find more information about one of the two founders of Amnougar. www.amnougerard.ch


If you want more information, or if you want to support the work of Amnougar, please contact us per email or at the following phone number:

+212 (0) 524 88 49 83.